2023 / 10 / 01  21:59

奥村乃 Dai OKUMURA Solo Exhibition “Japanese calligraphy” 開催のお知らせ

奥村乃 Dai OKUMURA Solo Exhibition “Japanese calligraphy” 開催のお知らせ







2023.10.20 fri – 10.29 sun


*Closed on Monday 

* 15:00~20:00 Reception on the first day

*Final day will close at 17:00


Dai Okumura 奥村乃 

千葉県いすみ市在住のサーフィンを愛する古道具商にして現代美術家。コンテンポラリーアンティーク集団「畳」のリーダー。年に数回個展やグループ展 を行っている。


Art works of Dai Okumura expressed freely and easily on old washi (Japanese paper) with black sumi (Indian ink) with fundamental way of Japanese calligraphy, but more like style of black and white graffiti art, in the exquisite balance with consciousness and unconsciousness coming from his inspirations, memories, sense of humor, nonsenses, etc., as his own "Japanese calligraphy" as a form of improvisation or art.



Dai Okumura

Living in Isumi, Chiba at the Pacific coastal side and loving surf.

Also the founder of antique dealer group from Japan called  t a t a m i (